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New Features in Version 8-5
  • Font restrictions (Utilities – Preferences - Fonts) is applied to RichTextFields
  • The Audio/VideoValueDisplay component has been improved to support HTML5 audio/video players instead of the (deprecated) Flash player.
  • The testUserSessionId (as appended to external content URLs by the ExternalPageFrame) is now always included to the item's scoring log for each test run. Currently this happens only if the CAT service is active
  • The XLIFF translation mechanism has been improved and also takes into account state machine rules (e.g. string expressions in the matches() operator)
  • The validation for the FSM (Finite State Machine) rules has been improved to allow the use of line break characters (“\r”) in dynamic fragments (e.g. ${DynamicFragment.FragmentA.\r text with break})
  • For usability, the Finite State Machine Editor displays the tree always unfolded when opened
  • The integration of HTML/JavaScript resources into the CBA ItemBuilder has been improved by specialized editors for HTML and CSS
  • The management of user-defined IDs has been improved to allow easier renaming and re-using “old names” (no closing and re-opening of the project is necessary any more)
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